Instamatic Presets

presets for lightroom, presets for aperture

Instamatic Collection The Instamatic presets for Lightroom are presets that brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty, and fun of plastic toy cameras from the past. Every preset will change your lens, flash, or film. Each adds a unique touch to your photo, so mix and match to find your favorite preset from this collection of 18!

Instagram for Aperture

instagram for aperture, presets for aperture

Instagram for Aperture From your iPhone app to Apple Aperture! Here are the most famous vintage Aperture presets on the net. If you are already familiar with the app, all you need to do is to apply any of the preset to your photo. You can also combine them by holding the command key while applying any additional presets to the same photo. Enjoy a blast from the past.   Get the Instagram presets collection for Apple Aperture 3

Lightgram Presets

presets for lightroom, presets for aperture

One-click Instagram. Ready-to-use one click Lightroom Adjustment Presets sharpen images, pump up vibrancy, perform quick exposure shifts, make easy white balance changes, and recover blown highlights. You can also experiment with a variety of effects, from sepia to cross process color shifts to black-and-white in different contrast grades. Apply any combination of adjustments with a single click. And because Lightroom Adjustments Presets are nondestructive in Lightroom 3, another click can remove effects and return your photo to its original state.

The Film Presets

presets for lightroom, presets for aperture

This exclusive collection includes the Film Simulation 1 presets for Apple Aperture or Adobe Lightroom, a very useful Tool Box and a PhotoShop action to add film grain to your photos! Film Simulation 1 pack includes 30 unique Film Presets for Aperture or Lightroom: Kodachrome 10, Kodachrome 10 Expired, Kodachrome 10 Over, Kodachrome 25, Kodachrome 25 Expired, Kodachrome 25 Over, Kodachrome 64, Kodachrome 64 Expired, Kodachrome 64 Over, Kodachrome 200, Kodachrome 200 Expired, Kodachrome 200 Over, Kodachrome Memorial, Kodachrome Memorial Expired, Kodachrome Memorial Over, T-Max, T-Max Expired, T-Max Over, TRI-X 400 (Black and White), TRI-X 400 (Black and White) Expired, TRI-X 400 (Black and White) Over, Konica: Super XG 100, Super XG 100 Expired, Super XG 100 Over, Super XG 200, Super XG 200 Expired, Super XG 200 Over, Polaroid: XeL 600, XeL 600 Expired, XeL 600 Over.

Toy Camera Presets

presets for lightroom, presets for aperture

Greetings! Your friendly staff at Toy Camera Presets is committed to provide you with the best quality retro and plastic camera presets on the net! In a moment in time where every cell phone owner went bananas with apps such as; Camera +, Hipstamatic and Instagram, a group of creative photography enthusiasts (the staff of Toy Camera Presets) decided to keep it real, after all we all know that your DSLRs are better camera than iPhones and Androids…That is probably why they are still called phones. In other words…we encourage you to bring your good digital cameras back on the road to capture some awesome images, process it with your favorite platform and play around with our gorgeous presets. We support both Apple Aperture and Adobe Lightroom so you don’t have to switch back and forth. Feel free to browse our presets page to find your  favorite collection! Show off your awesome results by joining our friendly “community” and publish your photo on our site.

Analog Camera Presets

presets for lightroom, presets for aperture

Are you ready for the coolest analog look? Meet Sofia, the young lady with a red Vespa posing by the Spanish Steps in Roma. Her photo can use some analog vibes... Analog Camera Presets has just what it takes to boost-up tons of features within Sofia's picture. Look for yourself! This exclusive series is created with retro in mind. We took a gradual approach and each preset will get you closer to that special look that you love. After all, your pictures deserve more than plain presets. You're about to try something seriously cool.